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Unpredictable Forecast

During dance Immersion’s 2020-2021 season and beyond, we are adapting to an unpredictable forecast during the pandemic by remaining nimble and strengthening our organization with reflection, staff education and new tools.

Impacted Lives

The impact of coronavirus on people of African descent has been extraordinary, with our communities experiencing increased racial attacks globally and recording a disproportionate amount of deaths due to COVID-19.


To reduce the resulting impact on our beings, we are introducing more discussions and access to resources, including the new On-Line Bantaba & Check-In. The word Bantaba is from the Mandinka people of West Africa meaning “spiritual circle” around which the community gathers, where affirmation and confirmation of self purpose are initiated.  This platform allows for the sharing of experiences while offering support and solutions.

What Does the Future Hold?

COVID-19 leaves us all vulnerable to what the future holds.  As we come together to discuss, research and make plans, we are working to program in a manner that reflects and addresses a rapidly changing global environment. dance Immersion will continue to adjust our programming to help provide stability and support during this tumultuous time.

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