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Check out this throwback video of Founder Vivine Scarlett giving an overview of dance Immersion! What was her vision when she founded the organization? 


dance Immersion Bantaba

JANUARY 28, 2021 @ 7:00 PM


Special Guest: Genevieve Alao, Registered Psychotherapist

Moderated by Nicole Inica Hamilton

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In the first On-line Bantaba & Check-In for 2021, we will delve into mental health resources for Black Canadians during the pandemic and beyond. Genevieve Alao, Registered Psychotherapist, will speak on practical strategies for dealing with feelings of loss (livelihood, purpose, identity, physical space), and identifying unhelpful coping mechanisms that may be hindering our wellbeing. 

A Q & A will follow her presentation. 

The word Bantaba is from the Mandinka people of West Africa meaning “spiritual circle” around which the community gathers for affirmation and confirmation of self purpose. 

About Genevieve Alao, MDiv, RP

Genevieve is passionate about journeying with those going through challenging life circumstances. She is committed to the change process; real life change takes time and attention. Genevieve founded Corner Counsellor to provide affordable, accessible and appropriate one-on-one sessions, community courses and group workshops in under-served neighborhoods. Corner Counsellor is also a mentoring and launching platform for newly registered therapists. When Genevieve is not speaking at a seminar, running a group or working directly with clients, she is teaching students at Tyndale University & Humber College in the Department of Health and Human Services and the Faculty of Social and Community Services respectively. As a partnering and consulting therapist within the GTA, Genevieve continues to focus on developing models for culturally relevant practice and advocate for anti-oppressive frameworks within the mental health care profession. Self-care for Genevieve (pre-COVID) included reading, traveling, writing, exercising and going to the theater. These days she finds joy in nature walks, intentional showers, journaling and DIY projects at home.