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Photo of Crazy Smooth by Becki Peckam

How does aging affect Street Dancers?


Join us on Tuesday, March 8 at 7 PM EST for a dance Immersion Online Bantaba & Check-In with Crazy Smooth of Bboyizm! Smooth will discuss how Street Dancers deal with the effects of time on the body and spirit in a physically demanding dance form that often values the projection of confidence and invincibility. This discussion event takes place on the Zoom platform. 



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Moderated by Nicole Inica Hamilton, this Bantaba will delve into aging from a Street Dancer’s perspective, which is the focus of Crazy Smooth’s new performance creation with Bboyizm, In My Body. This new work will premier in Toronto at the Bluma Appel Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts from March 17-19, 2022. Co-presented by dance Immersion, Canadian Stage, and TO Live.

Info and Tickets here: IN MY BODY by Bboyizm/Crazy Smooth | dance Immersion



The word Bantaba is from the Mandinka people of West Africa meaning “spiritual circle” around which the community gathers for affirmation and confirmation of self-purpose. This platform allows for sharing experiences while offering support and solutions to reduce the impact of societal ups and downs on our spiritual and physiological beings.  The event includes a Q & A between Smooth and Nicole, as well as a Q & A with the audience participants. If you are comfortable, please join the Zoom Bantaba circle with your camera on.



Dancing since 1997, Crazy Smooth, 41, is the founder and artistic director of Bboyizm, an award-winning street-dance company that has been instrumental in the preservation and proliferation of street dance in Canada and internationally. Benin-born and Gatineau-based, Crazy Smooth was named the 2020 Clifford E Lee Award recipient by the Banff Centre for the Arts and is a long-term Artist-in-Residence at the Centre de Création O Vertigo in Montreal. In 2004, Smooth founded Bboyizm and the company has successfully brought authentic street dance into the professional theatre setting. Three of his full-length creations— The Evolution of B-boying, IZM, and Music Creates Opportunity—have toured throughout Canada. The company has been nominated for a Dora Award (2012) and won both the Atlantic Presenters Association Touring Performers of the Year Award (2013) and the Ontario Presenters Network Emerging Touring Artist of the Year (2012). Crazy Smooth has performed, taught, and judged competitions in cities and events throughout North America and Europe. He continually strives to be a positive example for the community and an ambassador of the street dance culture at large.